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How to Sculpt Your Man Boobs

Moobs or man boobs as they’re called are a result of a man’s hormone balance being somewhat out of kilt, where the androgen-estrogen ratio is being corrupted from what most likely as recent studies suggest is down to the excessive secretion of oestradiol –  a mammary enlarging hormone.

Increased oestradiol production comes about when we over consume on terrible foods and more importantly alcohol, which is densely packed with calories, which in turn suppress the plasma testosterone, transforming testosterone into the man boob secreting hormone-  oestradiol.

Medically termed gynecomastia, it affects about 30% to 40% of men at some point in their lives and one of the common misconceptions when it comes to tackling enlarged breast tissue is through weight loss supplements.

Gynecomastia in fact occurs mainly through puberty, but can come as a result of certain medications or your average herbal product, in fact tea tree or lavender oil found in your shampoo or soap may be the guilty culprit.

The answer though does not lie in depraving yourself of food, as fasting or drastically restricting your food intake has shown to in fact “re-feed gynecomastia”.

Understandably the following case study is in the extreme, but it was first discovered when after malnourished prisoners were released from detention camps at the end of World War II, their immediate re-nourishment brought on the steady growth of gynecomastia.

The answer therefore in how to sculpt your man breasts lies in the simplistic exercise known as the “bench press”.

Not just because this exercise is the ultimate chest conditioning workout, but it also tips your hormone imbalance back into sync.

To quote CQ magazine: That means no more “cleavage but heavage!”

Strength training has shown that certain types of heavy duty pounding workouts on the body can significantly increase testosterone levels and the bench press is one such routine.

Regulating the body’s endocrine system is still a science not yet understood and how it dictates which bits of fat go where is still a mystery, but by far the fastest and more effective means to sculpting those man nippled breasts is to get yourself on the bench press.