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How to Give Up Drinking in the Evening – 6 Steps – (Plus Lose a Little Weight)

That’s the crux of why you like a drink of an evening and this article is not for the disciplined who can have a glass of wine and leave it at that.

The following advice is directed solely at those who drink too much to be fair and drink to sleep.

If this is you and you have tried/made a concerted effort to just not drink in the evening the first thing you’ll most likely notice is the difficulty therefore in trying to sleep.

So used to booze breaking down in your liver and making you foggy of an evening you will have disrupted your normal sleeping pattern so it will take at least a few days to sync back in.

There are obvious measures you can take like doing some hard exercise in the hope that your body will just crash at night but strangely this doesn’t always ring true.

On a personal note, I know that after a long hard cycle I’m much more inclined to reward myself with a beer at the end – plus 2 or 3 or 4, than I would if I hadn’t – Oh the mind games!

Step 1: If you’re single & you have drinking just kept to an evening trait – try and meet someone

So you need to do something which is both a distraction but not a concerted distraction and by that I mean that you are not constantly thinking that you are not having a drink – which can do your head in.

Having a partner helps. Sex can wear you to sleep and having that someone there just provides all manner of distractions that aren’t concerted which is important.

I remember watching a film with Sandra Bullock in where she went through the sobriety ride, first tinnitus then it fizzled out into the feel good cheesy American movie narrative with a happy ending, but one thing that stood out was this advice given to her and it went along the lines of: before embarking on a relationship whilst giving up the sauce, first get a plant for a year and if that survives get a pet for a year and if it all pans out well, feel free to let someone enter your life.

Now I don’t know about you but coming from the position of someone who is single – I know for a fact that entering into a relationship right now will be a far more positive step and it will have a far more positive influence on my nocturnal drinking habit than if I remain alone – which after a while in fairness is pants.

I’m rambling but I think I’m right. Obviously it depends on how far you’ve taken this relationship and whether it’s a “master slave” one (Christopher Hitchens words) or vice versa but I’m pretty sure this is the first step someone should take if they’re single and find they are drinking themselves to sleep at night.

Obviously you can’t magic a partner though so if you want to start changing your evening ways as of now, the following steps may help you although these will be applicable or not depending on where you’re based, the climate and your physical health.

Step 2: Check out meetup.com

If you haven’t already visited this site it’s worth checking out as there may be some interests out there that you might like to join or start up.

Without harping on about the benefits, you get to meet new folk, might meet that special someone, get to learn/teach new things and provide a positive distraction to your evenings.

Step 3: Exercise

Noted already that it can deliver the alternative desired intention, it can still help you at least cut back plus you won’t feel so rough the next morning.

Going for an evening run in the cold air can really knacker you out so if you’re not physically restricted this is one option.

If there’s a gym nearby that’s worth exploring or if there are any classes in a sport you’re keen on you have that.

Step 4: Get the “Easy Way to Quit Drinking” by Allen Car

So basically the first 3 points are what I have personally found to be a positive influence on changing nighttime habits, but that’s me done so research has led me firstly to this book.

On a reply to one of the comments on this webiste’s page  one word of advice is to pick up a book called “Easy Way to Quit Drinking” by Allen Car. I haven’t read it but I think I might.

One place it can be found is here on Google Books (can’t see it on Amazon) and after glossing over it, this 272 page read which describes itself as “Revolutionary New Approach to Escaping from the Alcohol Trap” might just be the ticket.

If you’ve had a chance to read it I would love to hear your feedback below.

Step 5: Read Tania Glyde’s “Cleaning Up”

So after reading one of the reviews on Allen Car’s book which didn’t rate it at all – you can read it here on Goodreads.com,  the reviewer in question instead recommends Tania Glyde’s “Cleaning Up”.

Available on the kindle for around $12, some may rate this better although as one reviewer adds:  “I need to find a book right now that is a bit more uplifting.”

Step 6: Start a Drinking Diary

I shall leave this at 6 steps for now and see what I can unearth to add more to this article later.

If you search “how to give up drinking in the evening” in Google you will find nothing really specifically pops up (or didn’t for me), so please feel free to add your tips and tricks for what’s worked for you if you’ve got this far as I’m personally on the quest to eradicating this ruddy routine.

In closing, here’s not a bad thought to try and maintain: “think about what you want and not what you don’t want”