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5 Ways that will Boost Male Energy After an All-Nighter

Whether it’s excessive wine drinking that’s causing the onset of premature gout in the feet, tinnitus or mild vertigo, clearly alcohol isn’t having a positive effect and one of the biggest life destabilizers alcohol can cause is overall body fatigue and a gnarly mood.

A spicy noodle soup can do the trick in the morning to breathe some life into that god awful feeling but knowing the right foods first off should deliver the desired results to inject you with a natural boost of energy for the day.

  1. Magnesium

An essential mineral that when depleted you will begin to notice an aching in your bones – magnesium, also present in your organs and tissue is a mineral that when lacking requires the body to increase its oxygen intake meaning you will probably feel more fatigued.

Spinach, cashews, almonds and soybeans all contain a plentiful supply of magnesium that will ignite a steady increase in energy and also help with your sleep patterns should you be susceptible to the odd night of insomnia.

  1. Omega-3

Essential for helping you maintain a stern manhood during those intimate moments as it’s the amino acid L-arginine that increases levels of nitric acid responsible for firing it up – bingeing out on cold water fish is one surefire way to get an omega-3 fix.

If you haven’t already tried it or attempted making it – a morish mackerel pate served on some toast should do the trick.

The omega-3’s help protect the heart, lower fat levels in the blood and rejuvenate blood circulation.

  1. Drupes and Berries

The darker the royal purple color of a drupe or a berry should be a good indicator as to the strength of a particular antioxidant flavonoid known as an anthocyanin.

Notably blue berries and perhaps the famously touted acai berry (which is lower on the ORAC table than blue berries) will also help fire up nitric oxide levels, allowing for a natural input of strength by relaxing your blood vessels and regulating your blood flow in a manner not too dissimilar to that well known erection hardening pill.

  1. Popping a Peppermint

In a bizarrely uncovered study carried out by a Mr Bryan Raudenbush, a Ph.D scientist and Director of Undergraduate Research at Wheeling Jesuit University, in an article published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, the study concluded that by popping a peppermint sweet prior to a physical and/or mental exercise resulted in improved mental alertness, sharper hand eye co-ordination, a faster running speed and the ability to do more press-ups – strange but true.

It’s believed that the peppermint odor helps unclog certain channels responsible for these actions in the brain.

  1. Quit the Sauce

So in terms of recovering from an all-nighter, if you’re going to be honest with yourself – the only way is to not inflict it on yourself in the first place.

While slowly becoming a dipsomaniac might cultivate more desire in the sack it by no means improves your performance.

The negative effects in the long term of alcohol – if you can’t maintain a slave-master relationship – may obviously destroy you and others close to you.

Excessive alcohol strips away your ability to be “you” – the real you before damage was done: However, the damage can be reversed and clarity and strength of mind can be restored.

By moderating or giving up this dangerous demon you will improve your immune system, think, act and breathe more positively, restore your natural vigor and zest for life, be truer to yourself and to others and eventually sync back into a normal sleeping pattern.The ultimate way to boost your male energy.

The ultimate way to boost your male energy.