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What is Caveman Diet? (Paleo Diet)

Just the name of the caveman diet regimen– likewise known as the paleo diet regimen– creates photos of beefy, manly men, savagely searching wild beasts and stuffing themselves on wild game baked over open fires. However, this do-it-yourself diet regimen doesn’t mean ferreting out deer that roam right into your yard.

Unlike various other willpower-fueled diet regimens, the neanderthal diet plan takes an extra sensual, primitive method to eating, which entails delighting in food as well as feasting. Some supporters of the diet argue that the calorie counting located in many various other diet regimens protests male’s primitive impulses.

The caveman diet focuses on foods similar to those that were available during the Paleolithic era, which lasted from concerning 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago. To puts it simply, foods that people consumed prior to farming and domesticated pets– and years before food handling.

There are many different versions of the neanderthal diet and there is nobody authorities strategy. Typically, the goals of all neanderthal diet plans are to train your body to hunger for foods high in nourishment (as well as void of sugars, salts, as well as dairy products), and to teach you to thoroughly appreciate your food through eating with your hands as well as taking time to savor each dish.

Some strategies, in addition to advertising “paleo” foods, consist of instructions for intermittent fasting. Caveman diet regimens that support this method think it aids the body detoxification and simulates our ancestors’ lowered and also irregular access to food. Here is an example of one caveman diet strategy with built-in fasts, called the neanderthal power diet plan:

Phase one: For the initial two to 4 weeks, you drink a large glass of water right after waking up. Throughout the day, you “graze” on fresh fruit and unsalted nuts. At the end of the day, you have one huge meal where you consume whatever you want (hamburgers, french fries, pizza, and so on). This prepares claims that indulging after each fast will at some point make you long for healthier choices.
Phase two: For the following two to eight weeks, you continue the morning water routine. During the day, you quickly and also eat absolutely nothing while drinking water to assist the detoxification procedure. At the end of the day, you delight in meat, eggs, berries, root vegetables (except potatoes), as well as nuts.
Phase 3: During this stage, you continue with the morning water regular as well as your evening banquet, yet you can succumb to your cravings throughout the day by eating unrefined, natural foods such as lean meats, fish abundant in omega-3 fats, vegetables, seeds, and also nuts. You can continue to be in this stage for as lengthy as you ‘d like.
The majority of neanderthal diet regimens likewise advertise everyday exercise.

The core of the diet regimen highlights foods that are very nutritious: lean meats, raw veggies, huge volumes of water, and raw fruits and also nuts.
Fasting is not advised by most nutritional experts. The irregular eating patterns in the different phases may likewise promote food fascination as well as binge consuming actions.

Pros and Cons
Among the biggest wellness benefits of the neanderthal diet plan is that it shuns salt, sugar, processed foods, and also various other components that are frequently overconsumed by Americans. The core of the diet plan stresses foods that are very nutritious: lean meats, raw veggies, huge quantities of water, and raw fruits and nuts.

On the other hand, the diet plan completely excludes a large group of food– starches, like legumes as well as grains– as well as dairy products. Long-lasting effects of inadequate intake of carbs as well as calcium can cause deficiencies in crucial minerals and nutrients. Although detoxing is just one little selling factor of this diet, it’s important to note that detoxification diet plans have little clinical support. Your kidneys and also liver already do an amazing task of filtering any contaminants you take in.

Plans that include periodic fasting could be tough for some people to handle and also keep for such a long period of time. Think of how hard it would be to routinely stay clear of breakfasts as well as lunches with friends and family to stick to your diet regimen. Eating one meal each day stands in contrast to most various other weight reduction diets that recommend several little meals as well as snacks to maintain metabolism at its height.

Finally, this plan could be expensive, considering that it advertises consuming natural, healthy foods– such as grass-fed as well as wild-caught meats– which tend to cost greater than various other alternatives.

The benefits and drawbacks of the diet regimen depend upon the extremes to which an individual takes it. It’s a relatively flexible diet and also individuals could abuse the loosened standards that allow them to consume whatever quantity of food they desire.

Healthline States
The diet encourages discouraging the body off of salt, sugar, refined foods, and also other dangerous components that cause pervasive excessive weight in American culture. The concentrate on all-natural, healthy foods is one that does not comply with the normal stereotype of “craze” diets, as well as it advertises overall nutritional simpleness. This diet regimen also supports the value of being literally active, an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Some researches have supported the caveman diet’s potential to help with weight-loss. A testimonial presented at the American Public Health and wellness Association annual conference analyzed 7 studies of paleo-style diets and also found that these plans led to a lot more substantial fat burning compared to other diet plans, particularly when the research entailed short tests lasting 3 to 15 months.

As a result of the full removal of certain carbohydrates and also dairy, it could be hard for some individuals to stick with the caveman diet plan for a very long time. Certain, your body may hunger for healthy and balanced food, however that doesn’t indicate you won’t additionally be attracted by the periodic cheeseburger.

One primary issue with this diet plan is its property: the suggestion that our bodies are evolutionarily primed to consume the foods our ancestors consumed 10s and even numerous thousands of years back. In truth, we merely typically aren’t biologically identical to humans that lived 10,000-plus years earlier– and the same opts for also the most health food we have readily available to us. Even if this held true, we do not truly understand what people ate back then. Human species were spread out all over the world even at that time, and were consuming a range of diet regimens. We have just an unclear suggestion of just what foods they had, just how much they ate, or just how commonly. An additional caution regarding the neanderthal diet plan applies to any type of diet that removes entire foods teams (grains and milk in this instance): Such strategies run a strong threat of being unbalanced and also reduced in particular crucial nutrients.

All this being stated, the hunter-gatherer ambiance of the diet might appeal to guys that want to tap into their inner warrior as a motivation to far better their health.

How to Give Up Drinking in the Evening – 6 Steps – (Plus Lose a Little Weight)

That’s the crux of why you like a drink of an evening and this article is not for the disciplined who can have a glass of wine and leave it at that.

The following advice is directed solely at those who drink too much to be fair and drink to sleep.

If this is you and you have tried/made a concerted effort to just not drink in the evening the first thing you’ll most likely notice is the difficulty therefore in trying to sleep.

So used to booze breaking down in your liver and making you foggy of an evening you will have disrupted your normal sleeping pattern so it will take at least a few days to sync back in.

There are obvious measures you can take like doing some hard exercise in the hope that your body will just crash at night but strangely this doesn’t always ring true.

On a personal note, I know that after a long hard cycle I’m much more inclined to reward myself with a beer at the end – plus 2 or 3 or 4, than I would if I hadn’t – Oh the mind games!

Step 1: If you’re single & you have drinking just kept to an evening trait – try and meet someone

So you need to do something which is both a distraction but not a concerted distraction and by that I mean that you are not constantly thinking that you are not having a drink – which can do your head in.

Having a partner helps. Sex can wear you to sleep and having that someone there just provides all manner of distractions that aren’t concerted which is important.

I remember watching a film with Sandra Bullock in where she went through the sobriety ride, first tinnitus then it fizzled out into the feel good cheesy American movie narrative with a happy ending, but one thing that stood out was this advice given to her and it went along the lines of: before embarking on a relationship whilst giving up the sauce, first get a plant for a year and if that survives get a pet for a year and if it all pans out well, feel free to let someone enter your life.

Now I don’t know about you but coming from the position of someone who is single – I know for a fact that entering into a relationship right now will be a far more positive step and it will have a far more positive influence on my nocturnal drinking habit than if I remain alone – which after a while in fairness is pants.

I’m rambling but I think I’m right. Obviously it depends on how far you’ve taken this relationship and whether it’s a “master slave” one (Christopher Hitchens words) or vice versa but I’m pretty sure this is the first step someone should take if they’re single and find they are drinking themselves to sleep at night.

Obviously you can’t magic a partner though so if you want to start changing your evening ways as of now, the following steps may help you although these will be applicable or not depending on where you’re based, the climate and your physical health.

Step 2: Check out

If you haven’t already visited this site it’s worth checking out as there may be some interests out there that you might like to join or start up.

Without harping on about the benefits, you get to meet new folk, might meet that special someone, get to learn/teach new things and provide a positive distraction to your evenings.

Step 3: Exercise

Noted already that it can deliver the alternative desired intention, it can still help you at least cut back plus you won’t feel so rough the next morning.

Going for an evening run in the cold air can really knacker you out so if you’re not physically restricted this is one option.

If there’s a gym nearby that’s worth exploring or if there are any classes in a sport you’re keen on you have that.

Step 4: Get the “Easy Way to Quit Drinking” by Allen Car

So basically the first 3 points are what I have personally found to be a positive influence on changing nighttime habits, but that’s me done so research has led me firstly to this book.

On a reply to one of the comments on this webiste’s page  one word of advice is to pick up a book called “Easy Way to Quit Drinking” by Allen Car. I haven’t read it but I think I might.

One place it can be found is here on Google Books (can’t see it on Amazon) and after glossing over it, this 272 page read which describes itself as “Revolutionary New Approach to Escaping from the Alcohol Trap” might just be the ticket.

If you’ve had a chance to read it I would love to hear your feedback below.

Step 5: Read Tania Glyde’s “Cleaning Up”

So after reading one of the reviews on Allen Car’s book which didn’t rate it at all – you can read it here on,  the reviewer in question instead recommends Tania Glyde’s “Cleaning Up”.

Available on the kindle for around $12, some may rate this better although as one reviewer adds:  “I need to find a book right now that is a bit more uplifting.”

Step 6: Start a Drinking Diary

I shall leave this at 6 steps for now and see what I can unearth to add more to this article later.

If you search “how to give up drinking in the evening” in Google you will find nothing really specifically pops up (or didn’t for me), so please feel free to add your tips and tricks for what’s worked for you if you’ve got this far as I’m personally on the quest to eradicating this ruddy routine.

In closing, here’s not a bad thought to try and maintain: “think about what you want and not what you don’t want”

The New Bunks Diet – A 74 Year Old Man’s Weight Loss Story

I shall introduce myself briefly: 

I am the son of Martin AKA Bunks who has set up Best Diet for Men which is following his weight loss story and is also reporting on techniques and trends to help men of all ages and sizes lose weight.

Feedback from Bunks early November is promising!

Update on weight 11/11/15:

Starting in July dad weighed just over 20 stone – clearly not an ideal weight of a man over 70.

As of late October 2015 he has now reduced his weight by 2 stone and looks a lot trimmer for a man of his height and stature and the pounds are still melting off.

The New Bunk’s Diet:

Bunk’s diet has changed somewhat since late July 2015.

Now the staple foods are more fibrous, satiating and energy efficient.


Two Weetabix (a whole grain wheat breakfast cereal ) with low fat milk coupled with a sliced banana.

One or two cups of fresh pressed coffee.

A little on consuming fresh coffee each day as coffee can scientifically help:

1. Burn fat by increasing your metabolic rate by up to 11% – Increased metabolism results in stronger energy levels plus enhanced neuron activity making the brain fire faster.

2. Stimulate the nervous system – This results in signals being sent to fat cells instructing them to breakdown fat stores to produce more energy.

3. Important: Increase Epinephrine (Adrenaline) levels in the blood which readies the body for physical activities, allowing an improvement in performance by up to an extra 12%.

This is why it’s key you should have a cup of fresh coffee roughly 30 minutes prior to a physical workout, be it a good walk or a strength training as caffeine is proven to enhance energy expenditure.

4. Lower Type II Diabetes risk by 7% – Sill not quite scientifically understood, regular coffee drinkers reduce their chances of developing this disease by as much as two thirds.

5. Protect you from Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease – Coffee for some reason whether through improving neuron activity and cognitive skills, may lower your risk of these diseases which generally effects those of 65 years old plus by as much as 65%.

6. Reduce the risk of Parkinson’s – Those who drink decaf won’t reduce their risk of developing Parkinson’s where as regular caffeine drinkers may by a third to two thirds, so caffeine is the key defense mechanism at play here.

7. Defend the liver against fatty liver diseases, hepatitis and cirrhosis – People who drink 4 or more cups a day stand an 80% less chance of developing cirrhosis.

8. Tap into your cancer defense system and enhance it – Studies are still in their infancy but if you were to drink 4 to 5 cups per day regularly you reduce your risk of liver cancer by nearly half.

9. Fend off and/or diminish moods of depression – A 2011 Harvard Study suggested that 4 or more cups a day reduced a women’s chance of taking their life by 20%.

10. Improve longevity – Not to mention the benefits already listed; two very comprehensive studies entitled “The Relationship of Coffee Consumption with Mortality” showed that regular coffee drinkers of 18 years plus have a lower risk of premature death, that is to say a 26% reduction for women and 20% for men.


Lunch is followed up with a sandwich using whole grain bread and a fresh homemade soup – more on those coming soon.

A cup of tea normally tops off the midday which is perfect as drinking a hot liquid is always advised for dieters.

This is because when food is swallowed it begins to cool making it more difficult for the body to breakdown and digest food, meaning potential fats that should be eliminated then become stored.

Cold water solidifies what you just ate and slows down digestion.\

A hot liquid helps improve digestion and protects the intestine from being layered with a line of sludge which may at some point lead the deposited lining of fats to turn to cancer.

Supper Time:

How you plan an evening meal is very important if you are trying to lose weight as so many of us finish a day’s work, get back home – eat, then settle in for the night where very little energy is then expended.

Bunk’s evening meal has changed somewhat where as in the past he would go a for a few evening pints of the local IPA (beer not lager) then get back, have a fairly full evening’s meal around 9 pm then settle into the chair before bedtime.

Now evening meals are a lot lighter, eaten earlier and don’t sit on top of a few from the local. More on Bunk’s evening dishes coming soon.