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How to Utilize a Man’s Belly Fat

Once generally a female fad, dieting has now been taken on by men without any connotation of shame.

That is the most common misconception, but for a good reason because according to studies and research, it is women who always have the bigger chances of gaining weight faster than compared to the male population.

Females usually have bigger fat stores in their body and so a modest amount of food intake will really send their weight soaring as compared to the men who are more active and burn the fats and calories faster and easier.

However, there is something known as the  ideal male calorie intake and this is what is needed for us men to be able to maintain that good body health and shape and therefore the proper body shape and weight is needed.

Improper calorie intake as you might guess, leads to bigger fat stores in the body since your body cannot use the fat for energy and it gets stored in many places that are hard to get rid of.

Some of these areas include the arms, the waist, and of course, the belly, which leads to that increased body girth, and the so called apple shaped body, which may lead to health risk.

Even though the term diet may sound too feminine, men should really try to ignore those misconceptions.

So if there are no restrictions to your calories, this may lead to fat being deposited across your physique could further lead to  hypertension, cardiac issues, and even diabetes mellitus, therefore a set daily calorie intake should should be adhered to.

As a physical therapist who has spent countless hours learning the ways of exercise and effectively utilizing the muscles of the body for such, I happen to know a thing or two about weight loss, and definitely a good way on how to lose belly fat fast.

The sad thing I can see is that most magazines and articles about weight loss or belly fat reducing is limited to simply trying to address the abdominals directly.

They recommend hundred and thousands of crunches, leg raises, and so many more exercise that I can say are effective in toning the belly muscles, but the problem is that they don’t really address the real issue which is burning up the belly fat first to reduce the effort of trimming your weight and also shaping the muscles more easily.

Yes, the exercises can give you a six pack that you have always wanted but what use is the six pack if there are tons of fats still on your belly. It is only by utilizing your fat stores efficiently that you can burn them, so exercise is futile if you don’t burn off those fats first and only then will you have that abdomen that will look like the guys from the movie the 300.

How to utilize male stomach fat stores:

So let me explain, first you have to utilize your fat stores. You can do this by doing a real whole body workout first.

Cardio exercises are the most suited for the job and you should do these daily and increase your work ethic over time.

Diet is important here because you are trying to limit the possible sources of energy your body uses.

When the body cannot find sugar or carbohydrates to burn off for energy in the exercise, then it will burn up the fats and when this starts, you will evidently see the results in just a few weeks.

After time you will effectively start burning fats and then you should begin abdominal exercises.

With no fats to hinder the sculpting of your abdominals, that beer belly will soon become the six pack you have always wanted.

This is not something that you can achieve in 2 or 3 weeks,effort  is really needed in order to achieve losing that belly fat fast.

You can also try complementing the cardio workout with supplements to help burn those fat faster.

I have heard there are some really good supplements that target belly fat. With the combination of both diet, exercise and a supplement, you might just achieve flat abs faster than you can imagine.

It is not impossible, but all you need is effort and determination to achieve this task.

7 Exercises to Trim Tummy Fat

The part of the body in men that is always the hardest to trim down is the belly and this is something most men can attest to.

However, there are some good ways to be able to control your belly size and that is by way of following the 7 Beer belly exercise below which will take a lot of effort, but the results can be guaranteed.

There are actually a lot of these exercises that you can do for you belly. Some are tedious and some are not. Some might take a short time to reduce that beer belly into nothingness, while some others takes months for it to have visible effects.

Of course when we are talking about these exercises, we all want to do the ones which have the fastest most aesthetically pleasing effects, so let us take a good look at some of the exercises which can really be considered effective at reducing that big bulging belly and see what muscles they target.

Bicycle Crunch

1. First up, there are the crunches, and to make it a bit harder and more effective, let’s modify it in to the Bicycle Crunch. This is the best move to target obliques and the rectus abdominis. These are two of the main muscles in your abdomen as they comprise of the waist forming muscle and the famous six-pack respectively.

Captain’s Chair

2. There is also the Captain’s Chair leg raise, which will focus more on the abdominals. The Captains chair is a staple equipment found in most gyms and you utilize it by keeping your legs in place and then keeping your knee bent for maximum abdominal control.

Abductor Stretch

3. Another exercise worth taking a look at is the abductor stretch with crunch as this is considered the second best exercise to target the rectus abdominis muscle.

Vertical Leg crunch and the Long Arm Crunch

4. Two crunches are next in the list which are in the top list according to the American Council on Exercise and this is the Vertical Leg crunch and the Long Arm Crunch. They both target the rectus abdominis and the vertical leg crunch also targets the obliques to help get that six pack more easily.

Full Vertical Crunch

5. The Full Vertical Crunch works both the upper and lower body and gets the whole of the abdomen moving so it is a great way to work the abs to the maximum.

Plank on Elbows and Toes

6. Plank on Elbows and Toes ranked in the top 10 ACE study and it is a great way to build endurance in both the abs and back. This effectively stabilizes the muscles too.

Reverse Crunch

7. The reverse crunch basically covers the whole of the rectus abdominis muscle since this is one long muscle, and though it seems only for the lower abs, it really is not, and it is one very effective way to get that beer belly back in shape.

The important part is you have to be faithful in doing these exercises to get that beer belly back in shape quicker.