Best Diet for Obesity

Obesity is now widely considered a health condition on par with cancer. It is already a disease entity because obesity in itself is fatal if left untreated. This condition can spawn a whole lot of unwanted illnesses like osteoarthritis, gastric issues, lung problems and of course cause diabetes and heart disease.

It is easy to know if you are obese based on your BMI or body mass index and it is quite obvious to the naked eye if someone is actually obese or not.

Now the next thing to know is how we actually address this problem. There is actually a lot we are able to do but one general rule about dieting when obese is that you will need to have the willpower, courage and perseverance to really achieve your goal, which is to get back into a healthy lifestyle.

So what exactly is the best diet for obesity?

This can be relative or subjective in any case. What works for one may not work another, so you may have to go through a number of experiments before you can get something that will work for you.

But according to many people, one of the more common working names for a diet is the Atkins Diet, which is a diet which solely addresses obesity.

The book has sold millions of copies worldwide and is something many dietitians recognize as a standard for obesity.


One of the major factors for obesity is an unchecked diet. Food rich in carbs, fats, and cholesterol are the main culprits.

Junk food and processed foods are highly suspect in this case also, so you had better lay off of these.

Mental health emotional problems or even mental issues like depression or such have the tendency to cause you to eat more and uncontrollably, so a good healthy mindset is important.

Will is a necessary component for diet and weight loss and if this is hampered by emotional problems, then it will fades.

Lack of confidence in visualizing mental image of yourself in t3 months time is also detrimental.


When the factors above are addressed, then you can begin a diet safely but of course diet will be quite useless too if you don’t complement it with the right activities and exercise too.

Exercise and diet always come hand in hand and there is a step by step process to exercising when obese.

First you should start off with aerobic exercising. This means exercises that use the whole body and make you sweat it all out.

These include jogging, dancing, boxing, and many more similar activities or sports that can make you burn off the fat.

Of course, diet is important here because you should restrict your fat, carbo intake at this point and make sure it is mostly fiber and small protein that you are taking to maximize fat burning.

This will take a long time depending on the amount body fat that you have, but I assure you, once you see those pounds starting to drop, you will really feel more confident and more happy that you are undertaking this new lifestyle change.

The next phase of your exercise will be cardio complemented with strength training.

Muscle strengthening exercises will help tighten the skin and firm the muscles helping to spread the skin evenly as opposed to sagging skin which can be a result of drastic obese dieting.

Diet restriction is very important because you don’t want to gain those pounds that you have already lost but becoming accustomed to eating less and less will become easier to control.

It is important not to starve yourself to death however because remember, your body adjusts based on your weight.

So if you were accustomed to eating 5 times a day before, going down to 3 square meals might be hard, but do it gradually without letting it create havoc on your health.The last and hardest part is maintaining your new body weight.

The last and hardest part is maintaining your new body weight.

Obesity is a sickness and is hard to maintain  but if you start to recognize the potential then there is little chance of returning to your previous state of health.

Remember your health is one of life’s major investments.

You can do so much more when you are healthy. Obesity limits you, it limits your life and it certainly destroys you both on the inside and out, so if you are able to address this while you still can, then hats off to you.

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